Did you know that ASW Engineering was the first independent Oracle software vendor for Serbia? They started their partnership in 1989, and have ever since sold numerous software solutions and Oracle licenses to a wide variety of local and regional clients.

This July 2019 for the first time, ASW Engineering is going to embed their ERP in Oracle Cloud, in order to offer a Cloud-based ERP solution for the Marriott hotel in Banja Luka.


9 benefits of ERP in Oracle Cloud:

1. Say ‘Goodbye’ to costly systems

2. Access from numerous options

3. Add new employees whenever, wherever

4. Data centralization

5. No expensive servers’ cost

6. Recover your data even after a natural disaster

7. Data safekeeping with encryption and passcodes, safer than traditional servers

8. Feature, upload new products instantly

9. Just add internet, and you are ready to go!


Moreover, besides the ERP on Oracle Cloud, ASW can also offer integration with Opera, an Oracle system for client booking.

Since 1989 ASW Engineering has been offering Oracle licenses, and from now on it offers Oracle Cloud-based customized ERP called asw:dominus, and upon your request, we can integrate Opera as well.