Guest-lecturer was ASSECO, our partner company that presented integrated ASW solutions with ASSECO retail solutions.


1. Online PDA application in retail


Provides online access to users

Application to support fast data import

Back office subsystem functions delegated to PDA module

You can see the PowerPoint presentation here.


2. New concept and improvement of asw:loyalty:


Use of generic campaigns (giveaway and coupons) as well as service oriented architecture enables:


Centralized campaign rules

Faster development

Shorter period of time for regression test

You can find the presentation of new concepts of the asw:loyalty solution here.


3. asw:portal


It represents a way of communication and user interaction with information systems asw:dominus and asw:officius.


Enhanced by new technologies: Spring MVC and JSF technology, Bootstrap (HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework), Web services for integration with external systems enables:


Higher transparency of information

Increased participation of partners in business processes

Facilitated communication with your partners

You can find the presentation of our new asw:portal here.


4. Integration – asw:libris and asw:dominus


Integration of Document Management system, based on the Alfresco platform, with ASW ERP solution asw:dominus follows up on the whole process and the life cycle of e-documents.


It provides a high level of:



Access control of the system and data protection



Integration with other systems

Recording activity on the system

The presentation can be found here.


5. Use of JSF technology in ASW solutions


ASW products will officially be translated into JSF technology and the process will be completed in February 2017. A plan for implementation is suggested to ASW users.  Support for JSP technology will last another 24 months.

You can find the presentation of Aleksandra Marković, an implementation engineer of our software solutions, here.


The representatives of companies “Lilly”, ” Voli”, “Đak”, “Fashion house MONA”, “Mil-Pop”, “Mercata” and many others attended the Open day.


They were given a survey at the end of the presentation in order to get feedback and make the following Open day even better. After that, we had a cocktail party and a friendly gathering.


Furthermore, all presented products and solutions were offered to the partners under special conditions in a campaign “Summer campaign 2016”.