The largest company for the production of artificial fertilizers

Company HIP-Azotara d.o.o. Pančevo
Country Pančevo, Serbia
Industry Company for the production of artificial fertilizers and nitrogen compounds





HIP - Azotara is the largest company in Serbia engaged in the production of artificial fertilizers and nitrogen compounds. The company sells its products through its own wholesale and retail trade. Within the company there is a service for maintenance of process plants that are vital for continuous production. The main goal of the project is the implementation of an integral information system for controlling and managing all resources. The priority of the project is to improve the management of orders for customers and the management of warehouses for finished products and spare parts. A specific requirement on the project was the development of functionality for the drive billing and calculation of the cost of the product.


The implementation of the system encompassed the phase implementation of the subsystem in accordance with the priorities that are jointly defined based on the analysis of the current situation with the users. First, the functions for monitoring goods and finished products (production registration, customer orders, sales) were implemented, and afterwards other subsystems (financial-accounting subsystem, human resources monitoring subsystem, material monitoring subsystem and subsystem for monitoring fixed assets ). Specific solutions (equipment catalog, drive calculation and cost calculation of products) were implemented at the end of the project. The introduction of the ASW information system enabled HIP-Azotara to provide accurate and up-to-date information about its own stock of finished products and supplies that are stored for a known buyer, then supplies of raw materials for production and spare parts for maintenance of process equipment. On the basis of the catalog of equipment, optimal supply of raw materials and spare parts was provided, which reduced the working capital costs. By implementing the functionality for calculating the cost of product costs in the period, the company's management has an insight into the real results achieved.