Support for the management of construction companies

Company MBA Miljković d.o.o.
Country Belgrade,Serbia
Industry Construction of buildings





MBA Miljković is a company engaged in performing activities in the field of civil engineering, high-rise construction and concrete structures. The company MBA Miljković is also owned by Ratko Mitrovic - Niskogradnja doo, specialized in the execution of works on civil engineering objects. The main goal of the project is to introduce an integral information system that enables a greater degree of control and management of all resources. The specific request of the project is to monitor the construction of facilities by the situations for the needs of billing the realized activities to investors.


The realization of this project included the phase implementation of the subsystem in accordance with the priorities that we jointly defined based on the recording of the current situation with the users. First, the functions for material monitoring (procurement, distribution, installation and sale) were implemented, followed by other subsystems (financial-accounting subsystem, subsystem for monitoring human resources and subsystem for monitoring fixed assets). The introduction of the solution made it possible for MBA Miljković to provide accurate and up-to-date information on inventories of materials and fixed assets by construction sites. The introduction of asw: dominus ERP system has provided the company with more efficient planning and deployment of construction materials and machinery.