ASW system for personnel records and salary calculation integrated with SAP system

Company ATB Sever
Country Subotica, Serbia
Industry Manufacturing





ATB SEVER, as a member of ATB Austria's business system, has been known for its quality and traditions in the production of all kinds of electric motors and generators for more than 85 years. ATB Sever, as part of the Austrian Group, uses the SAP information system, which did not encompass all business processes. For the needs of covering the personnel management process and the calculation of earnings, ATB Sever has demanded an adequate solution that can meet all their needs for efficient calculation of earnings for about 2,000 employees! ATB Sever has selected ASW as its partner, bearing in mind that the human resources management and payroll system is used by large companies in the region for over 30,000 employees and due to the experience ASW has in its integration with external systems. The main objective of the project was to provide information support for the processes of personnel records and calculation of salaries that will fully support the laws of Serbia. The specific requirement of the project is to integrate the subsystem for personnel records and salary calculation (asw: dominus system) with SAP.


The realization of this project took place in two phases that were carried out in parallel. The first phase involved the implementation of a system for supporting business processes for calculating wages and personnel records. The second phase involved integration with the existing external solution. Integration of human resources management and wage calculation (asw: dominus) and SAP was realized by synchronized file exchange between systems. Realization of the system enabled efficient process of calculating earnings and transfer of accounts for posting to the external system. The overall realization of the project lasted for a month.